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Are you looking for the best furniture stores in Atlanta? Well, look no further. What I am going to be looking at today are some of the best furniture stores exactly there. So say you want to move to Atlanta and you are not sure whether to buy the furniture now or to buy it when you get there, boy are you in for a show. 

Atlanta has worldwide known furniture stores that will and can make an impression on you upon the site. Not only do the retails actually look good but the goods and services provided are just as good. So let me show you some of the best stores in Atlanta.

Direct Furniture

Direct Furniture is a store in Atlanta that sits in the big showroom to give its customers enough space to go through all the furniture sets that it has. The shop offers contemporary, transitional, and mid-century products from top-notch makers and its inventory include fabric sectionals, headboards, wooden storage units, outdoor conversation sets, and lighting systems. 

This store sells everything and anything that will definitely fit into your home and give it an amazing style. 

Direct Furniture has been around for more than 10 years, and it caters to residential and commercial clients. The store is generally a big happy family which you will notice once you get in. The staff also provides custom upholstery, which fits each project to a tee, and it also engages in prop rentals for filmmaking, photoshoots, and other short-term endeavors. 

It’s a very supportive store to the community and will also offer big services to you by providing you with good and affordable furniture. 


Walmart is one of the most popular stores worldwide. You meet everything and everyone here at Walmart. 

For a major selection of furniture at affordable prices, Walmart is really the best. This retail has an abundance of affordable set picks that can last you a season or two.

Shop for conversation sets, outdoor dining tables, pool loungers, gliding swings, and more. While the in-store selection is likely to be more seasonal, the offerings online are abundant. 

Many of the most popular pieces are by Mainstay, Walmart’s own brand for affordable home furnishings. While you may not find these items to be the most long-lasting options available, they are budget-friendly and often come in an abundance of colors.

Walmart is basically my best bet if you’re in need of affordable furniture sets and you want a wide selection of styles and colors to choose from. 


Now we all know Target for its reasonable pricing. What if I told you that for Patio furniture there is more than just that? Target offers furniture that is in trend at the best deals and prices. 

So if you are looking for something stylish for your patio then best believe Target will help you and at low prices too. Patio furniture at Target is normally suited for small spaces.

So in the case that you have a small garden you want to decorate and fill up, Target can provide you with Umbrellas, beautiful tables, and accent chairs that will make the best sets, especially for conversations and braais. 

Now with Target, you will not find huge sets like Rattan sofas with the accommodation span of 12 people or dinner tables for 20. If that’s what you are looking for you may as well try other shops. Target is the name targeted at a few individuals. 

Maybe a table for 5, sofas that can accommodate up to 6 or 8 people and so forth. Now unlike Home Depot, Target will give you a 90-day return policy. So if you have problems with your furniture within the first 3 months you can return your set and get a new one but highly unlikely because Target has standards that they always meet.

Horizon Home Furniture Stores

Horizon Home Furniture Stores is a shop in Atlanta that offers premium brands at outlet prices. Once you go Horizon you go home happy is what I say. The outlook of the retail is very impressive and the staff is just as sweet and accommodating and will help with everything with bright smiles on their faces. 

The company has more than 15 years of industry experience which should definitely tell you something. It operates seven days a week to accommodate busy homemakers, business owners, office managers, interior designers, building contractors, architects, and filmmakers in need of creative pieces for their movie set. So even on a Sunday coming from the church you can as well pass by and get what you need  

Horizon Home Furniture Stores has an inventory of indoor and outdoor furniture, and it also provides custom upholstery made with fabric and other materials. Some of the store’s products are chairs, shelves, mirrors, and rugs. 

You can also find some sofas and beds. You can literally find anything and everything that you will be looking for without much of a hassle and if you are having trouble then you can ask one of the staff members to help you. 

Intaglia Home Collection

Intaglia Home Collection is a furniture and accessories boutique in Atlanta that actually relies on timeless interior design. This means that you can find a wide variety of intricate and aesthetic sets of furniture that will actually make your home better than what is currently. 

The company has been satisfying residential and commercial clients since 1999, and it offers reasonably priced custom-built and stock pieces for the living, dining, sleeping, and working areas. 

Intaglia Home Collection appears in Atlanta Magazine’s Best of Atlanta 2015 list, and it also sells area rugs, lamps, pillows, and gift items, such as candles and greeting cards. The best part is that their customer care service is always available to customers who may be having problems or those that have a few problems or inquiries. 

Customers can call or email the team to request a consultation if it’s something they would rather talk about personally. 

Final thoughts

Well, that’s it. There are of course many more stores in Atlanta but after thorough research, I wouldn’t want you to walk around every furniture store so I just brought the best to you. Enjoy!!

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