Best Dog Sofa: 5 Incredible Options

Looking for a sofa for your dog? Welcome, that’s exactly what we’re on about today. Dogs like humans also seek to rest and relax in comfort. Unlike humans they work with what they can, if the floor is the best option, then you’ll find your dog on the floor. If it’s the couch with your lap as the pillow then best believe your laps are going to be very busy laps for a while. On the plus side, you get to cuddle with your furry pawed buddy. 

On the minus side, you’re going to have to brush fur off yourself a lot, your couch might soon have tear marks and if it’s the rainy season, should I tell you about that paw-mud mark you’re going to be introduced to one day? Dogs are friendly beings, there’s no love like a dog’s love they say, well how about you return that love and get your dog it’s own sofa?

dog on a sofa

So, if you want to show your dog that extra love, let’s talk about dog sofas/beds. Unlike human beds, these aren’t those one size fits all unless you get an extra large size that can be used by all prior sizes. You have to consider your dog’s size, breed, and habits. Then also consider yourself, I mean you’re the one who’s going to be maintaining it after all. Your dog will just nap and sleep and live its life.

You, however, have to clean it and replace it when it’s now worn. A known fact about dogs is that they have 3 sleeping styles, if you know how your dog sleeps, it’ll make things easier for you. If it’s a leaner, stretcher or curler will definitely have an impact on the sofa you get and if your dog will actually like it. You can however get one that will support your dog in any position and any style. With that being said, let’s get started.

In A Hurry

Obviously, this might be a stressful task just like furniture shopping you’ll have to get something that fits in with your interior. If you need a quick guide, we’re here for you and your dog. We want you both to enjoy relaxing nap sessions and restful nights so don’t worry  we have your dog’s needs in mind, and we also have your back on this. With this quick guide we’ll be sure to get your dog one of the best sofas out there with minimal searching. Lets whoof this!

Before we go, let’s go through a few pointers that will make this a whole lot easier

  • Take note of your dog’s sleeping style 
  • Keep in mind it’s size, if you’re not sure  measure from nose to tail-end to get an estimate of the sofa size you’ll need
  • If it has a teething habit, and chew almost anything in its way
  • Is it a nervous pee-er
  • If it will likely mud-paw your house on regular occasions 

I think those are the best pointers we will use in finding the perfect sofa for your dog. So let’s get started.


Over time, whilst looking at some of the best Dog Sofas out there, we came across this Furhaven Orthopedic Chaise-Lounge Sofa,. It comes in all sizes, from small to jumbo size, so whatever size your dog is and whatever breed, it’s guaranteed maximum comfort, support, and full on air-circulation. So why not right? It’s a snuggly soft sofa, that actually has a classy design and neutral color. It’s perfect if you’re a smart-conscious person. It’s perfectly machine washable so don’t worry about spoiling it. It’s designed for just that and will not disappoint you or your dog. 


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This snuggle bed is perfect if you have a small to medium sized breed. It’s perfect for any sleeping style, be it your pup is a leaner, stretcher or curler. This sofa just like its name has an enchanted look. It blends with very classy interiors but you could also make it work with other interiors as well.

It has a 3 side support wall meaning your pup is supported and has a head rest as well a neck rest for some dogs. Finally a replacement for your lap!! Aren’t you the lucky one. You can take a breather now and let everything flow. Also like the name, it’s a pet sofa, so its not limited to dogs only, if you feel like you want to get the cat sibling a sofa as well  then go ahead it would be a perfect match as well.

Looking further into detail, this sofa comes with 2” legs that raise the sofa from the floor so your dog won’t feel a draft. The chevron ultra plush look is quite popular as it suits modern house designs allowing your dog to nap and rest in luxury. The best part is if your dog is a teether, this sofa comes with toy storage space, so you may as well buy your poodle toys and let it bite on those instead.

Its dimensions sit at 27” by 15” by 15”, and can carry a capacity of 10 to 12lbs. Perfect for that little poodle you love so much. The cover for the sofa is removable and washable so if your dog messes it up or stains it, you can just throw it in the washer and it’ll be as good as new.


  • Doesn’t sit directly on the floor to keep your dog from feeling a draft.
  • Is stylish and can suit almost any interior
  • Has a storage space for your dog’s toys
  • Perfect and accommodates any sleeping style
  • Cushion covers can be removed and washed
  • Is comfortable for your dog


  • Is mostly designed for small sized to dogs and a few range of medium sized dogs.

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This seater right here comes in a wide range of sizes from small to jumbo, and is perfect for all breeds. Like the name says, “traditional”, it has a traditional sofa design that features 3 sided fluffy bolsters allowing it to support your dog in anyway even if it has those weird sleeping postures it’ll be in safe comfy hands. Making things juicy, this bed not only has a quilted surface but a foam base that will support your dog’s joints.

So, if Pawy has arthritic pain not to worry, this sofa will ease those joints and let your dog rest in peace. Buying this sofa for your dog will guarantee that it won’t have to count sheep, or even count backwards before its in dreamland. The sidewalls and the pin sonic quilted surface are all your dog will ever need. Finally the couch is all yours, and you can finally turn as many times as you want on your bed without worrying about kicking your pawed friend. So why not get it for your peace and your dog’s comfort.

Let’s see what else we have here. This quilted sofa comes in different stylish colors you’re bound to find one that suits your house perfectly. For your dog, it offers a headrest, meaning a replacement for your laps is already in check. The side walls offer great support in any style your dog decides to sleep.

The orthopaedic foam mattress will make sure that your dog’s joints are full supported and if it’s arthritic pain will be eased allowing your dog to rest peacefully. The surface on which your dog will be sleeping is quilted hence easy on the nose. The cover is removable and can be machine washed meaning you won’t have to fuss much if your dog does happen to go for a mud bath before bed. Dimensions vary with sizes but they stand as follows:

Small: 20 * 15 * 5.5

Medium: 30* 20* 6.5

Large: 36* 27* 6.5

Jumbo: 44* 35* 8

Jumbo Plus: 53* 42* 9.5


  • Comes in all sizes
  • Comes in different stylish colors
  • Easy to remove and wash
  • Orthopaedic foam mattress
  • Perfect for all breeds


  • Material is not tear resistant, may not be a good choice for dogs with teething behaviors

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First thing to be said about this sofa is that it’s luxuriously soft. Made from a two-toned plush faux fur and suede bolsters this sofa will have you wishing you were a dog as well. The L-Shaped bolsters support your dog’s back at the same time offering it unimaginable comfort. For any sleeping style at any time of day this sofa would be perfect.

The chaise-lounge shape makes it an exquisite addition to your interior, I mean if you sit and nap in luxury shouldn’t your dog do the same? All sizes have an Orthopedic foam mattress but the jumbo plus comes with a solid slab Orthopedic foam for greater support and comfort. Let’s get deeper in detail, the L-Shaped dual design allow your dog to try out various sleeping positions with the necessary support for its paws and neck. The foam mattress offers great support for the joints, so arthritic or not, your dog will have a peaceful and restful naps.

The faux fur mattress topping and suede finished bolsters are easy on the paws and the nose, so no sneezing and tearing, just naps, luxury and comfort. To top things off the covers are removable and can easily be thrown into the washing machine without harm. So what do you think? Will your dog loves it just as much, because we definitely do.


  • L-Shaped and perfect for home interiors
  • Is comfortable
  • Orthopaedic for arthritic joints
  • Comes in all sizes and various colors
  • Comes with support for neck and head for your dog
  • Easy to wash and remove


  • Is not tear resistant, hence may not be suitable for dogs that love biting or have teething behaviours.

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Coming to you in all shapes and colors, this orthopaedic sofa will guarantee your dog solid and luxurious sleep. It’s designed with extra care and the poly-filled bolsters create a safe place for your dog to rest their head, whilst providing hip support and maximum bone support. To guarantee this comfort, the mattress is made from human grade mattress foam which is just as comfortable for humans as it is to dogs.

If your dog suffers from joint issues, maybe it’s a large dog and it’s getting slower by the day, it’s not as jumpy as it was. This bed may be the solution to that. It’s tried, tested and proven to be durable as well as long-lasting, and we’re certain your dog will love it just as much as it loves you. What we’re looking at here is a sofa with a waterproof liner and human grade foam mattress. It’s orthopaedic, joint issue or not, your dog will be supported and provided with great comfort. The surrounding cover has a zipper design and can be removed easily as well as washed.

Topping it off, the covers are non-slip, non-skid and fur resistant, so if you’re feeling lazy to throw it in the washer, just shake the fur off and we’re good to go. The design is perfect for literally any home interior, it’s simple and soft so don’t worry about mismatching, it’s the perfect one.


  • Orthopaedic, and good for arthritic dogs
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to clean and remove


  • May only be targeted for dogs and not all house pets

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Just like the name, this is a basic pet sofa. Coming to you in either medium or large it’s a good sofa for your dog, or any other house pet for that matter. For your dog, it provides cushioning support and works to reduce pressure points, so if your dog has odd sleeping postures at least with this sofa you know no harm is done.

Do you ever wonder if dogs want to feel secure when sleeping? Well this couch, your dog is guaranteed definite security with the 3 walls, also it’s provided with a headrest and pillow whilst feeling completely secure. Let’s see what else this sofa can offer your dog.

Coming at dimensions of 36” * 29” * 9”, this cozy sofa- style bed for your dog has a foam mattress to provide optimal support to your dog.  The whole bed is covered in a water-resistant and removable cover that won’t cause much trouble for cleaning.

It has bolsters and 3 sides that will not only provide pillow-like comfort but also give your dog a sense of security. Just like us wanting to sleep feeling safe and secure your dog would love it just as much. So lets surprise our dog and get this amazon basics sofa for it.


  • Simple and will suit and house style
  • Easy to remove and wash
  • Has water-resistant covers, making stains less of a problem
  • Big enough for small to large dogs
  • Can be used by any household pet


  • Sits directly on the floor, so your dog will feel drafts

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Buyer’s Guide


Warm season grass is the best and most suitable grass hay for a dog. Wet grass would probably make for a cold wet dog which could cause a number of health problems for your dog. So if you want to hay bed your dog, dry and warm grass is the best from. 


A lot of things make for the best bedding for your dog. Depending on the season if it warm  something that’s cool and allows full air circulation, if it’s in the cold and rainy seasons then something warm and cosy, a number of options are, hay and straw, saw dust, linens and rugs. 


If you want to keep your dog from feeling a draft, then yes, keeping it a few inches off the ground could be a good idea. However if your house is insulated there’s really no need, as the cold air won’t radiate or get to your dog. Or if the bed has a solid base and cold air can’t seep through you can keep the bed directly on the floor. 


It’s usually best to replace your dog’s bed when it’s now flat and doesn’t look as comfortable as before. A worm out bed may do more harm to your dog than the floor. At least once a year you should replace your dog’s bed, unless it’s a durable bed that can last longer. 


Where you dog sleeps is dependent on its instincts. Dogs are protective and territorial especially to “family”. So your dog may sleep where it feels convenient and most suitable to protect and watch over you and rest as well. Could be close to house entrances or by your dog or right next to you or in your room. So it’s entirely up to the dog. 


The easiest rule to follow is the month to hour rule, if your puppies are 3 months old then crate them for 3 hours, and it’s wise to create them in the evening so they learn to sleep at night as well.

Final Thoughts

A happy dog makes for a happy house. Having a dog is like having that best friend you know you can trust at all times. They may not be able to talk back, but they surely do listen. Never underestimate a dog’s love, if you’re a pet owner then you know what I’m talking about. These furry creatures become family and always take a space in our hearts. 

Like humans they deserve comfort and joy in their short lives, and what more to spoil your dog than with one of the best pet sofas out there. We know what’s in your heart and we completely understand why you’d want the best and only the best for your dog. We did our research, and hopefully you’ll find the perfect match for your pawed family member. Enjoy your shopping, and cheers to a happy household. 

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