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Are you looking for the best corner sofas in the UK? Shopping for furniture can truly be an exciting experience. The prospect of setting up a new space, or revamping your old one. 

Are you looking for the best corner sofa on the market in the UK?

Do you need a corner sofa in your living space to transform your space into a modern one?

upholstered corner sofa

Perhaps you are looking to get a little extra seating in your home and want to make sure it fits in your space. 

This type of sofa has become popular for transforming living spaces into modern ones. They are perfect for open living spaces and also can be used as a room divider or to even fill a smaller sized room with maximum seating. Most corner sofas can be taken apart and reconfigured. This makes it easier to fit them into your space and also customize how they will fit in your room.  

If you are planning on moving your sofa at any point, this style can be a good bet. It can also give you the option to extend or move around the sofa when you need to. The versions that can not be reconfigured, come in a left or right-hand version. The great thing about corner sofas is that they can be placed in any sized room. In smaller spaces, a corner sofa can provide extra seating without taking up too much space for legroom.

In A Hurry

Do you need a quick guide to buying the best corner sofa in the UK? There are a few factors that you will need to consider. Make sure to check on the orientation of the sofa, if it can not be reconfigured or swapped around. You want to make sure that it is a good fit for your living space. Have a good idea of the room size you intend to put the sofa in. This will guide you in getting the sofa with the right dimensions. Knowing the dimensions of the sofa will help you know if you can move it into your home. 

If you have narrow doorways then a bulky sofa may not be what you should be looking for. Make sure you can fit your sofa in your room. Also, check on the material and style to ensure that it compliments the rest of your furniture and the room you will put it in. Some materials are best suited for pet owners, whilst others are better for people with no children. Get the sofa that is best suited for your lifestyle. Also, consider the color scheme and the effect it has on the living space.


We have done our research and found our favorite pick to be the Verona, Fabric, Grey, 2C2 Corner. This fabric sofa comes with a guarantee of 12 months. It can be arranged into any room thanks to its versatility.


Our Reviews

Verona, Fabric, Grey, 2C2 Corner


Verona has the greatest reputation in the market right now for offering high-quality furniture for many households around the country.

The company has been in the industry for over some decades now and it is the reason behind their popularity.

The corner sofa tends to be strong and sturdy making it suitable for the Livingroom. The sofa can withstand different bodyweight of people.

One thing that makes the furniture stand out from others is the luxurious appearance that helps to give the Livingroom the greatest punch.

Besides that, the foam filling cushions and pillows offer excellent comfort to the user. It creates an atmosphere for relaxation while watching the television.

Also, the furniture comes with a one year warranty to instill trust among the customers and to assure them about the quality of the sofa.

But that’s not all. The sofa is quite simple and easy to be assembled where the company offers the services at no cost. 


  • Strong and sturdy furniture for the Livingroom
  • Add a luxurious feel in the house
  • Quality foam filling offers excellent comfort
  • Come in different sizes that can easily suit any space
  • Can easily be assembled at no extra cost
  • Comes with one year warranty


  • Relatively expensive for some people
  • Bottom seat highly susceptible to sagging

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Honeypot – Sofa – Bergen – Corner – Sofa bed


Honeypot Company is dedicated to offering high-quality corner sofa bed for over some years now. The quality of the sofas is the reason behind the popularity of the company.

The company ensures the sofas come with a twelve-month warranty to assure customers of the quality. Also, it assures customers about the value of their money.

Besides that, this furniture is delivered within the shortest time after ordering according to the postal code description.

Also, the sofas can be set in any room of choice by two people. The most amazing thing is that the company offers the service at no extra cost.

That’s not all. The company returns service for free in case the furniture does not fit perfectly in the room of choice.

One thing that makes the sofa stand out from others is the quality of the foam which is of high density to offer excellent comfort.

However, the price of the furniture might be too expensive but it is worth the value of your money when compared to the quality.


  • Have a solid construction design
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Brings an amazing appearance in the house
  • Have a spacious area for watching movies
  • Offer excellent comfort


  • Relatively expensive
  • Cleaning can be a little tricky

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Honeypot Malvi Corner Sofa Bed


Honeypot Malvi corner sofa bed comes with a handy storage stool and this something that makes it stand out from other sofa beds in the market.

The fabric material used to design the sofa bed is of high-quality and they come in different colors to suit the décor of any Livingroom.

The sofa bed has metal frames that help to provide solid stability after setting up and this gives the sofa bed the ability to withstand any bodyweight with ease.

Assembling the furniture in any room of choice is quite simple and it is normally done by the company servicemen at no extra cost.

The foam filling cushions of the sofa bed are spongy and fluffy to offer excellent comfort to the user while either sleeping or sitting.

Lastly, it has a large enough sleeping area to create a room for sleeping in any position without any difficulty.


  • Offer an additional sleeping place for visitors
  • Can be fitted in any room of choice at no extra cost
  • Made from premium materials
  • The high-density foam offers excellent comfort
  • Come with twelve months warranty


  • Extremely expensive sofa beds
  • Not suitable for sleeping alternative place
  • Has a low backrest and pillows are not comfortable

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Abakus Direct Lush Corner Sofa


Abakus Direct Company has been working around the clock over the years to provide a high-quality corner sofa for the customers.

The sofa beds are made from high-quality materials that facilitate long-lasting user experience. The wood used is hardwood and bind together by the use of metal frames to make them firm.

This furniture is strong and sturdy to withstand any bodyweight without collapsing while sleeping or sitting on it.

The sofa bed has an excellent large space to create adequate room for sleeping in any position without feeling any discomfort.

The most wonderful thing is when it comes to cleaning and maintaining tidiness. The chenille cord fabric and faux suede are quite easy to clean.

Besides that, the furniture comes with a two-year warranty to assure the customers about the value of their money.

Also, the colors of the fabric are neutral and this implies that they can perfectly match the décor of any room.

However, the price of the sofa bed might to be too expensive but worth the value of their value. Setting up the furniture is quick and easy regardless of the room of choice. 


  • High-quality sofa bed offering great comfort
  • Have a solid construction design
  • Come with a two-year warranty
  • Has excellent space and depth


  • Relatively expensive
  • Limited deliver to mainland UK

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The UK Leisure World Company is among the top furniture producing company in the country and it boots a large number of customers.

The corner sofa suites settee is one of the products offered by the company and it is made from premium materials to enhance great comfort.

The stylish and luxurious design of the sofa help to bring out the luxurious appearance in the Livingroom or any room of choice.

All back and side cushions are of high density as well as spongy to create an excellent place for relaxation and sitting.

The furniture comes with extra cushions for the sides that provide additional comfort while sitting and relaxing in the modern design Livingroom.

The company offers free shipping services besides offering the furniture at an affordable price to the customers.

The main big issue with delivery is that it is only limited to the mainland of the UK. Delivery is done in the shortest time as per the postal code description. 


  • Stylish and luxurious design
  • Have excellent backrest and side cushions for relaxation
  • Have thick cushion for offering added comfort
  • Delivery of the furniture is done in the shortest time
  • Relatively affordable due to free shipping services


  • Delivery limited to the mainland of the UK
  • The backrest of the sofa prone to breakage
  • Sofa cushions tend to be quite firm hence uncomfortable for sleeping

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Buyer’s Guide

Which corner sofa left or right?

The orientation of the corner sofa you get is dependant on your room set up, its architecture and also your personal preference. Several corner sofas have a long edge and a shorter edge. If you are looking at the sofa, facing the longest edge, it is a right-hand sofa if the corner and the short edge are to your right. If the corner and the short edge are to your left then it is a left-hand sofa. It depends on the wall you intend to put the sofa against. Just by looking at the room you can tell which wall is longer than the other and how the sofa will fit into the corner. Factors such as where a window or doorway is placed can influence how the sofa should be oriented in the room. 

Do corner sofas save space?

Corner sofas make use of a lot of dead space in a room, and by so doing, they save a lot of space in a room. They help maximize your living area. A regular set of sofas can not be placed in a corner, and this makes some parts of the room redundant and empty, which can also make the room look smaller. A corner sofa will allow you to use the parts of the room that would ordinarily not be used.

Are L shaped sofas a good idea?

L-shaped sofas are corner sofas that have an extension to the sofa on one end in the form of a chaise end. It is not a full corner sofa, however, it provides a bit more seating than one couch would. It also makes a very comfortable day bed. A chaise end takes up a little bit more space and, because it sticks out, doesn’t look quite as neat and sleek as a sofa without, but it does add a more welcoming element. 

Are sectionals good for small spaces?

Small spaces mean you have to be clever about the way you go about buying your furniture. You want to get furniture that is functional but also looks great. When you enter a small space, everything is visible and that means you need to fill it with accessories and furniture that works. Sectional sofas allow you to utilize every corner and also to customize them to fit your space. You can move them around.

Does a dark couch make a room look smaller?

Dark colours for furniture can make a room look smaller. At the same time, it can also make the room feel warmer and more inviting.  The accessories that you add to the sofa, can make a difference and make it look roomier. The colour may contribute to how cramped space feels, however, the construction of the furniture also plays a big role. The bulkier it is, the smaller the room will feel.

Final Thoughts

Corner sofas are a fairly modern concept. This means that they will probably not come in a traditional style. Corner sofas are growing in popularity with each day because of how practical it is. It is a fan favourite for small spaces and also for larger spaces, mainly because of how many people it can seat. 

It is a great way to lounge and relaxes for the entire family. We have reviewed the top corner sofas in the UK and we hope that this helps you to find the best fit for you and your family. Remember all the things that make a great sofa and also factor in your personal preference. That is the most important influencer. Happy shopping!

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