Best Cleaner for Fabric Couch

Are you looking for the best cleaner for a fabric couch? If you have upholstered furniture you must know how to keep it clean. If you have children or pets then you know you are in for more spills and stains than usual.

You will probably be looking for ways to get stains out of your couch after some time. Even if you are extremely careful, and you have no children or pets, daily living and people sitting on it, can get the couch dirty and you will need to clean it. You need to get the correct upholstery cleaner. 

There are various ways to clean your fabric couch. It all depends on what you prefer and what sort of stains you re looking to get out of your couch so that you remain with a clean fresh couch at the end of it all. Couches can be upholstered in different fabrics and these all need different care. Velvet is cared for differently from bamboo.

We choose the fabric we choose for various reasons which include personal taste. Taking care of it needs to be just as personalized. Cleaning upholstery is not something you will need to do too often, especially when you use the right tools and you do it well. It is almost like spring cleaning. You don’t do it every day, but when you do you need to make sure that you do it properly.

In A Hurry

Do you need a quick guide to buying the right fabric couch cleaner? There are a couple of factors you will need to consider. The first being the type of fabric your couch is upholstered in. The cleaner you commit to needs to have certain unique features. For example, look at the cleaners stain removal power. Also consider its conditioning ability, sensitive fabric cleaning, and foaming action. One product may not have all the properties you need which then means that you need to opt for different products for each purpose.


We reviewed the top cleaners on the market today and found our favourite to be the ChenLee Multifunctional Waterless Clothing Cleansing Foam. It is a natural based liquid that is very fast-acting and does not leave behind a residue like other detergents. The waterless cleansing foam uses enzymes to break down tough stains and odours. It also works to brighten colours in your fabric. This cleaner is great for eliminating odours and tough stains. It works as a deodorizer, stain remover and washing machine cleaner.


Guardian Microfiber Cleaner


This cleaner was created with the sort of material that makes up microfibers in mind. It will build up a foam that is able to clean up any soiling, water-based stains and those that are protein-based. Using it could not be any easier, in my opinion.

It is used in the same way that one would use soap or other similar cleaning products. You are advised to employ the services of a sponge to get the best results. The Microfiber Cleaner is applied to the sponge which is then squeezed for foam build-up.

As the foam builds up you would rub the material and clean it. Once you are satisfied with the result, allow it to dry. This can be aided by the use of an external source of heat such as a hairdryer or room heating. After it has dried, you can use a clean sponge to restore the fabric’s softness and colour by lightly brushing it.


  • Comes with detailed instructions.
  • It is very easy to apply.
  • It cleans ink stains.
  • Works well for pet stains.


  • Have yet to push it to the limit.

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Multi Use Cleaning Spray Stain Remover


Perhaps the sponge approach is not quite what you would like. All of us will happily admit that using a spray can make the cleaning of targeted areas that little bit easier. That is exactly why we love this product. It is a formula that does not require any rinsing after it has been used. The formula is ready to take own some of the most stubborn stains that you will come across. Grease, oil, coffee and wine are among some of the key ones that the manufacturer lists. 

There are no limits on what fabrics you can use it on. You can use it to clean stains from carpets, fabric couches, sofas, rugs, upholstery, pillow, clothing, curtains and so on. Using it is fairly straightforward. It is described as a three-step process. This includes spraying, allowing it to set and wiping it away. You will be happy to find that after you have cleaned it there are no residues or watermarks left behind. That means you will not have to do the cleaning more than once. 

The formula does not contain any toxins. This makes it safe to use without concern for potential harm. It can be used in households with children and pets. There is no odour produced. It is also VOC compliant. 


  • It is easy to apply directly to specific areas.
  • Can be used to deal with a wide range of common stains.
  • The results are immediately apparent.
  • It does not take long to dry.
  • There are no toxins in the product.


  • It does not come with a cloth or foam to use.

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ChenLee Multifunctional Waterless Clothing Cleansing Foam


As is the nature of most of us. I started off on the wrong foot with this one because the name evoked some distrust. This is probably down to the diet of information that the media often feed us.

The idea that Western products are better than those from the East. In some cases this is true, but it is not always the case. Regardless, this should never be a reason to completely discount something. So, we gave it a go.

This is a liquid-based cleaner that produces results very quickly. If you want to go into the nitty-gritty details of it. There are enzymes that work against stains and odours contained within this product. It is a cleaner that is also known to rejuvenate the colour of fabrics that are becoming dull.

As with the one above, this one is also a spray. This allows for a more targeted approach to cleaning. It is just easier done with a spray. You will also be pleased to know that this cleaner can be used to clean your washing machine. If sprayed into a cycle of hot water, it will do a great job. To sum it up, this is a deodoriser, stain remover and washing machine cleaner. It is a non-toxic product.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • Can be used to clean a washing machine.
  • Works on shoes as well as clothing.
  • Can be purchased in a single of duo pack.
  • Deals with odours as well.
  • Comes with detailed instructions.


  • Still to try it on all sorts of surface.
  • It does not come with a cloth or sponge.

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All-Purpose Bubble Cleaner


Our next pick is also a spray. Hooray for that. The first thing that you will notice is that the bottle that it comes in looks more robust, and perhaps is what we have come to expect of a cleaner. According to the manufacturer, this product contains professional stain removing detergent in it. That makes it perfect for dealing with the usual household stains that you will come across.

Some of the ones that we may not have mentioned with other products are your kids’ toys. We all know how filthy those soft toys can get. Kids are far too impatient to wait for you to machine wash their toys. Rightfully so, why should they have to wait when you can use a spray like this one? 

As with the other spray, this one has a three-step cleaning process that you can use. You spray, set and wipe it off. It is especially helpful on those things that you cannot wash or would require far too much effort to wash.

No one likes to have to clean a whole carpet because of a solo stubborn stain. Using a non-rinse spray makes it that little bit easier. You will also be happy to know that this product is odour-free and VOC compliant. 


  • It can be purchased with 2 cleaning cloths.
  • It is an odour-free formula.
  • There are no toxins present in it.
  • It can be used on all sorts of fabrics.
  • Using it is fairly straightforward.


  • The material on the cloth is not robust enough to take on all surfaces.

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ForceField – Fabric Cleaner


Our final pick comes with a spray bottle as well. There is something about the use of black on the upper part of the bottle that makes it look a bit more professional. This is not to say that the others lack this professional look. We are just saying that this one is slightly ahead in this regard.

The first thing that the manufacturers let you know is the extended use of this product. You can use it on wool and wool-rich products. None of these will encounter any damage as a direct result of using this cleaner. 

It is a great product for dealing with soiling, oil-based stains as well as water stains. The formula penetrates deeply into fabrics for a thorough clean. You will be happy to know that are no nasty residues left behind when you are done.

The use of this product is not only on the cleaning side of things. It is also great for building longevity in your products. The only thing that you will want to be aware of is that this product should be used on water-safe products only. This is largely due to the fact that it is a water-based cleaner. If you are ready to “make stain vanish” you should consider giving this one a try.


  • It produces results that you can see immediately.
  • It does not leave any residue.
  • It has no toxins in it.
  • The bottle makes application very easy.
  • Can be used on all sorts of surfaces.


  • Not robust enough for the tougher stains.

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Buyer’s Guide

What can I use to clean the fabric sofa?

You can use different means to clean your fabric couch. Vacuuming them is one such way. The best tool, in this case, would be a handheld vacuum cleaner. If you have pets, then use one specially designed to pick up pet hair. 

Some fabric sofas can be cleaned using a mild detergent or household items like vinegar. You can also use wet wipes to clean a small stain. These are more of an emergency hack. However, you can always stock up on upholstery wipes and wipe gently with them. When buying these wipes, make sure to check that they work well with your fabric.

If you have bigger stains to get rid of, then you need to use upholstery cleaners such as the ones we have reviewed. Before you set out to do any of these, make sure you check the label to make sure you are within the guidelines and you do not damage your sofa. 

How do you clean a fabric couch without water?

The first thing you will want to do is to test the cleaner on a small inconspicuous spot. This way you do not run the risk of ruining the couch with a cleaner that is not compatible with the fabric. The next thing you will want to do is to use home dry-cleaning clothes (Dryel) to gently rub your soiled upholstery. You can slowly rub more vigorously until you feel any harder may cause damage. The cloths will pick up dirt and stains. 

The next step after this will be to use a foaming upholstery cleaner like  Woolite. You can also buy foaming upholstery cleaner from your local automotive store. In everything, you do make sure to follow the directions on the label. Usually, you spray the cleaner on the soiled areas and it will foam up. Rub it in with a clean white rag. Let it dry and vacuum the dirt away.

How do you deodorize a couch?

It depends on the fabric the couch is made of. If it made of upholstered fabric, you can use baking soda. Sprinkle the fabric with baking soda to get rid of odours. Leave the baking soda on the sofa for at least 15 minutes, or overnight for severe odours. The baking soda absorbs the smells from the fabric and cushions. This will get rid of odours but will not leave the couch with a fragrant smell. You can get this effect by adding a few drops of essential oil to your cleaning products. You can also make use of fabric fragrances and incorporate them into your cleaning regime.

Does Febreze work on couches?

Febreze is a light and airy spray refresher that can be used on carpets, bedding, clothing, as well as on sofas. As long as there is fabric, you can use Febreze. It gets rid of odours quickly without leaving a heavy residue or scent. It is different from an air freshener in that it sprays out a mist of liquid that settles into the fabric and then dries. 

How often should I vacuum my couch?

Vacuuming your couch can help you get some of the dirt out of your couch. You can vacuum your couch once or twice a week depending on how much dirt gets on there. Then make sure that you get a deep clean at least once a year.

Final Thoughts

Your couch serves you and your guests well. It is the one place that has a lot to say if it could talk. The special moments, the celebrations or the times you’ve just needed a special hug. Your couch has been there for you. It is such a big part of your life, and probably has the stains to show for it. How long your couch will last, is very dependant on how you take care of it. Getting a good cleaner is a big part of it! We certainly hope that the products we have reviewed, help you find the perfect fit for you and your couch. Happy shopping!

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