Best Chairs for Front Porch

Are you looking for the best chairs for a front porch? Outdoor future is just as important as indoor furniture. Often, we focus on the furniture that goes indoors, and we forget about what we will put on the porch. Outdoor furniture continues to evolve, but the one thing that it has in common is that it needs to be durable and withstand weather elements such as rain, sun, and other elements. 

In this article, we take a look at the different types of chairs that you can get for your front porch. We look at the best features to look for, such as making sure that the chairs you get are weatherproof, and that they can handle being outside. We will also look at what makes a good porch chair and what to steer clear of. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Do you need a quick list to run you through what you will need in a good porch chair? There are a couple of features that you will need to look for. One of those is the material that the chair is made of. You want to make sure that it is waterproof and that it doesn’t destruct when in contact with outside weather elements. 

You also want to get a chair that is comfortable to sit on, and also check on whether it’s adjustable or not. You may also want to think about how many people you want it to sit. Think about the accessories that you will need it to come with as well, such as cup holders, umbrellas, cushions, and so on. Also, think about the style of chair that best works for your porch. Let’s take a look at the various options available.


We have gone through some of the top porch chairs on the market and found a couple we thought were pretty cool. However, our favourite has got to be the LOKATSE HOME Outdoor Patio Dining Swivel Chairs Rocker Set of 2 Metal for Garden Backyard Furniture. It is a unique looking chair that you don’t expect to see in outdoor spaces. 

Our Reviews of the Best Chairs for Front Porch

Keter Chair for Outdoor Seating with Washable Cushion

This chair is amongst our picks for an outdoor chair, because it is made of materials that can withstand outdoor elements, and has an open weave rattan design. Because of this, it is a good pick for outdoor spaces, including decks, poolsides, and balconies as well as porches. It measures 29.50 x 27.60 x 31.10 and comes in a colour that is easy to manage outside, grey. The cushions can be washed, making it easy to keep them clean. It’s a single weatherproof chair. 



INOVIX Grand Premium Steel Bistro, Folding Outdoor Furniture

This is a steel frame chair that is perfect for outdoors. It is made to resist rust, so rain and moisture won’t be a problem. The design is minimalistic and yet also eye-catching. The panelling on the seat is wide and thick, making for a comfortable seat. The construction may be heavy-duty, but the chair itself is lightweight, making it easy for you to move it around. 



Patio Sense Coconino Wicker Lounge Chair

The patio sense is a wicker chair that fits in well with most patio furniture. This is mostly because of the colours it comes in, and the fact that it is resistant to most harsh weather conditions. It has a cushion on the seat for added comfort. The armrests give you somewhere to place your arms for better relaxation. The wide seat means that you have enough space to even curl up on the chair. 



Ehomexpert Classic Outdoor Adirondack Chair

This chair can be placed almost anywhere outside, thanks to its weather-resistant properties. You can rest assured that it will not be the same as leaving your indoor furniture outside. It has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds. The design is to keep you comfortable, even though there aren’t any cushions. It is made of polyethene, which is tough plastic.



LOKATSE HOME Outdoor Patio Dining Swivel Chairs

This is a unique chair that you probably wouldn’t think belongs on the porch/patio/verandah. It has a swivelling rocking motion which can make for a relaxing time outside. The seat has a comfortable cushion, and the chair looks great. However, the backrest doesn’t have a cushion, which may be a bit of a pain for you. But you could always add one if need be. 



Final Thoughts

It is important to give some real thought to the furniture that you place outside. There is more to it than it just being weather resistant even though this is a major prerequisite. You also want to ensure that it looks good. Find out if it comes as a set or an accent piece, this way you know if it ties in with your porch style. You also want to know how big it is, and if it will fit on the porch. Consider the maximum weight that it can take and how it stays put on your floor’s surface. 

Having taken all of this and more into consideration, we like the LOKATSE HOME Outdoor Patio Dining Swivel Chairs Rocker Set of 2 Metal for Garden Backyard Furniture, Blue Cushions. One of the reasons being that it looks good. But also because of its unique swivelling ability that you hardly find in outdoor furniture. 

The chair you choose for your porch/patio/ verandah needs to have features tailored to your needs. Whilst it may look great in a magazine, it may not work in your space. Careful consideration will help you avoid design and functional mistakes that can wind up being costly too. We hope our recommendations and top picks from the market help you find your best fit. Happy shopping!

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