5 Best Accent Chair Under 50 to Check out in 2021

Are you looking for the best accent chair under 50? Interior décor can be tricky. If you are a novice or you just want your space to look nice but don’t quite know where to start, then looking for guides on how to do this is probably high on your list. Perhaps you have furnished your space, but think there is still something missing. Accent walls, furniture, and accessories can help, as they draw a person’s attention to them, all whilst tying everything together.

In this article, we take a look at the best accent chair under 50. Usually, by the time we get to looking for accent pieces, we have gone through the motions and spent a pretty penny on the rest of the room, so there may not be much left to spend on a chair to serve the purpose of being decorative. Let’s take a look at chairs that will be a pleasure to look at and help you save.

Do you need a list to quickly go through so that you know what to look for? The first noticeable thing to check on is the price. So if you are searching online, you will need to apply the 50 and under filter. Then look for a design that works for you. The point is to get something that will stand out rather than blend in. This means considering style, fabric, and construction.

Since this isn’t a chair meant to match everything else, look for something that is of the right size for the room you want to put it in. Where you place, it will determine features to look for like footrests, armrests, and reclining capabilities. Also, consider where you want to put it so that you maintain it. Outside chairs need to be weather resistant whilst kitchen chairs shouldn’t slide on floors.


A myriad of choices and chairs to choose from when you have a particular price range to shop from can be tricky. We have done our research and found our favourite to be the Mainstays Large Microsuede Saucer Chair/ we think it makes a great accent chair because of its contemporary modern design and the fact that the chair comes in multiple colours. Now let’s take a look at this chair in greater detail and others on our list.

Our Reviews

Anti-Slip Bentwood Stool

This is more of a stool rather than a traditional chair. The four individual legs all have rubbers underneath to make it more sturdy on slippery floors and protect the floors. It’s a great accent chair for a child’s bedroom. The seat diameter is 30cm. The legs are made of naturally curved grain wood. It’s good quality, durable wood that will hold quite well. 



Mainstays Large Microsuede Saucer Chair

This chair, which is available in different colours, is set on a foldable steel frame. It is a comfortable chair for lounging around, with a similar effect as a bean bag, without having to get on the floor. It has a maximum weight capacity of 225pounds, which is a decent amount for many households. The upholstery is made of polyester fabric. It measures 30 by 27 by 29inches.



Modway Haste Contemporary Modern Hourglass Accent Stool

This is a contemporary looking stool, that doesn’t look like its made for sitting, but rather looks well placed in a room. It’s the type of piece that can easily be a conversation starter. It has an hourglass shape and comes in vibrant sassy colours. Also, it is sturdy. When you have set it up, it is 17inches high and 12 inches wide, weighing 5 pounds. 



Home Soft Things Serenta Super Mink Faux Fur Ottoman Bench

This stool comes in various soft trimmings and in multiple colours designed to stand out in the room. It is set on a rectangular base and measures 19 by 13 by 17inches. This stool can be used as extra seating or as a footstool. The upholstered cushion makes it more comfortable. It also doesn’t need much assembly. Being an ottoman means that it can be used for a variety of uses. Versatility becomes a big selling point. 



Big Joe Classic 98 Bean Bag Chair

The classic bean bag! This is an attractive seating option that requires space and good knees. This particular brand makes bean bags such as the traditional 98 bean bag chair, in vibrant colours that will easily stand out in just about any room. It has a classic bean bag shape and is filled proportionately, just enough to support someone sitting on it and yet also at the same time. The lack of a frame means that just about anyone can sit in this chair comfortably.



Final Thoughts

Finding an accent chair may seem easy enough. But that’s not always the case, especially when you are working within a particular price range. If you want to find an accent chair under, you will need to be ready to settle for something that may not have all the frills as the pricier options. Keep in mind that it will be more decorative than functional, and your choices are widened. 

We still recommend  Mainstays Large Microsuede Saucer Chair. We like that it’s a comfortable chair with good support and a stylish design that will look good in various homes. 

Ultimately, the chair that you choose needs to fulfil your needs. It’s essential to go shopping with a clear vision of what you will need, such as the chair’s weight capacity. The colours it is available in and who can use the chair. Some chairs are meant for smaller builds, whilst others don’t have a limitation. Your guidelines can be better defined when you see the chairs in person. If you’re buying online, look for reviews. Happy shopping!

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