Ashley Furniture vs Lazy Boy

Overview of Ashley furniture

Ashley Furniture is a brand that is also known worldwide as Ashley Homestore. Their primary operations involve furniture retail and manufacturing. They are famous for recliners, but they also craft mattresses, Ashley Sleep and Chime. Within this brand, Ashley offers both innerspring and memory foam mattresses. The disadvantages of this brand are some reported durability issues over a short period with low prices. 

Where to buy

These can be purchased directly from their website or local retailers. 

Overview of Lazy Boy

La-Z-Boy is a very distinguished brand in the furniture industry. They are famous for delivering very comfortable recliners and sofas. Over the years, they have also expanded the range of furniture they sell into other furniture items, including mattresses. They craft three mattress options — the Essential, the Select, and the Lux, which feature pocket coil support systems. They have managed to use this technology on their recliners and this has made them more appealing.

Where to buy

These can be purchased directly from their website or local retailers.

Product Range

Ashley Furniture makes a wide range of different designs for its furniture. Many consumers appreciate them because they provide almost everything you might need to furnish your home. Their products are commercial and generic, so they have a limited range of options. The company mainly focuses on making quantity rather than quality; therefore, often, their pieces are similar. Lazyboy is the more custom and unique range. This means they have a broader spectrum that offers consumers various styles. This brand is the preferable option for people who want to take control of designing their living spaces.

Price Comparison

Ashley Furniture offers its customers prices that fall in the low-mid price range. You will find these to be often less expensive than their direct La-Z-Boy counterparts. The collection of fabrics produced by the brand is quite limited. This lack of options means that you won’t customize your choices. The lack of customization available is what makes the brand cheaper. 

La-Z-Boy produces a slightly higher quality recliner and keeps its prices in the mid-upper range. These two brands do, however, have many overlapping products. At the low-mid range pricing level, both brands offer budget options that aren’t unique and have fewer customization options. 

La-Z-Boy’s design is concentrated on catering to the main bracket of their consumers who form the mid-range pricing. For their more expensive sofas, you will get better construction and design. They offer highly customizable recliners that can be fitted with cool power upgrades at added cost. It is a dream for people who can afford it. The brand provides recliners with memory foam seating and 100’s leathers and fabric options. These benefits add value, and that’s why they cost more.

Quality Comparison

These two companies work hard to provide consumers with high-quality furniture. To choose between them means going right down to what the customer wants. Judging from popular reviews, you will find that they are similarly ranked, with Lazyboy slightly edging Ashley Furniture Industries. LazyBoy is better because they make use of higher quality fabric in production. You will notice that because of this factor, Ashley Furniture is more difficult to maintain than LazyBoy.

Warranty Comparison

Ashley Furniture provides its consumers with a standard one-year warranty. This cover protects your fabrics and finishes. If you need a more comprehensive cover, this can be purchased at the point of sale. The more expensive the product you buy is, the more likely, the higher the warranty is. This timeline of protection is between 12 to 16 months on average. You can ask your retailer for their top warranty option for further protection. This cover costs extra but will get you a 5-year plan that will protect you in the event of accidents. This protection will also extend to guard against any manufacturers’ defects. This warranty will supersede the manufacturer’s warranty. 

La-Z-Boy furniture is a premium option that costs more. Consumers buy designs that are unique and customized by them. Some are considered irreplaceable, and for this, the brand gives them a lifetime warranty. This protection covers their frames and most of the mechanisms on the recliners. The fabrics you choose for the recliner come with a one-year warranty. Fortunately, this includes any leather products. Labour is also included.

Shipping costs and times

Ashley Furniture’s free delivery to your door service is very popular with its customers. This delivery is available on products that cost above $250. From your date of purchase, it should take about one month to arrive at your house. This timeline exists for products currently in stock at the time of sale. In some instances, these products can come earlier, in about two weeks. If not in stock, you might have to wait for an undisclosed time to receive the delivery. If your home is not in the delivery area, you will have to pay $99 for delivery regardless of your purchase price. It is also good to know that if you buy from an independent furniture store, there is a chance they have their delivery services. 

La-Z-Boy provides excellence in care, service, and attention when delivering your product. They call their delivery service “white glove”, which will set you back $99. It is one of the best services in the industry and will take about 7 – 14 days to reach you. This period is the expected timeline for their generic products in stock. You can expect delivery in just over 60 days for the custom options they sell. The delivery procedure involves unpackaging, inspection, and installation. The delivery technicians will also guide you through the best way to use and look after the furniture.

Which is better

Choosing the better option between these two will come down to consumers’ personal preferences. If you need something quick and generic, you are better off choosing Ashley furniture. The products they have are not custom and will be cheaper. It is best to go with La-Z-Boy for people who want to take control of their design experience. They offer fully customizable furniture options. 

Who owns lazy boy furniture?

The La-Z-Boy headquarters is based in Dayton, Tennessee. It is a significantly large, owned company that has a total of 325 stores and 11,000 employees. They sell furniture across the world. 

Is Ashley’s furniture real wood?

Most of the products Ashley Wood sells are made from Engineered Wood. It is a method that seeks to use the entire tree for improved ecological benefits. It uses cellulose fibers and synthetic resin. These make it to be highly stable, millable, and durable. By using engineered wood, Ashley can utilize 95 percent of the tree in its manufacturing processes.

Ashley furniture quality levels

Ashley furniture has very high levels of quality on all their products. This standard is achieved because they produce most of their mechanisms in-house.

lazy boy quality issues

The products can become noisy if not maintained well. This problem can become quite frustrating as it can sometimes take just under a year for these defects to begin showing. 

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