Arthur Classic Executive Style Linen Storage Sofa

Are you looking for a classic executive sofa? Well, here we have the Arthur Classic Executive style linen storage sofa. Perfect for any professional settings. Perfect if you want to make any room sophisticated with that elegant allure. 

This Arthur sofa could make a big difference in any home, office, or practically any room. It’s unlike your regular sofas that feel homely. This sofa yells business. It yells professional and elegant. 

If you are that person that likes professional settings. You enjoy a glass of wine after a long day at work and you hate seeing dirt then this sofa is the one for you.

Arthur Classic Executive Style Linen Storage Sofa with Nailhead Trim

It is a modern sofa with a classic, elegant and sophisticated feel, it would probably make you feel as if you are underdressed to be sitting on it, which makes it all the more perfect for you. 

Arthur is a basically a classic executive style sofa with beautiful scroll arms, plush back cushions, and elegant nailhead trim. 

You will find that upholstered in a carefully selected, soft linen, and will bring a truly sophisticated gust of fresh air into your home, office or private practice. Arthur is ideal for smaller spaces due to its multi-functionality.


  • Is very comfortable and soft
  • Perfect for home or office use
  • Comes with a storage


  • Is not waterproof



The name says it all. This is an executive style sofa. With that classic look and with it you can just imagine the sophistication and elegance it would probably bring to any room. 

Coming in white and grey you can already sense that even the color choices are set to bring out the classic form of this sofa. It is unlike your daily average sofa. In fact it is a classic sofa with beautiful scroll arms, plush back cushions, and elegant nailhead trim. 

Arthur Classic Executive Style Linen Storage Sofa with Nailhead Trim

That gives it its natural elegant and sophisticated vibe. You will find that it is upholstered in a carefully selected and soft linen that is not only appealing to the eyes alone but to the whole body as well. This sofa will bring a truly sophisticated gust of fresh air into your home, office, or private practice.



Arthur is that sofa that you will find the ideal for smaller spaces due to its multi-functionality. It is that space-efficient sofa you have been looking for that will make a difference in your home or office. 

It comes with a storage that easily opens at the bottom, and you can store blankets, trinkets, or books and anything else you wish to put away and out of sight but get easy access to at the same time. It comes at an overall dimension of H x W x D: 33″ x 78″ x 31″ with the seat dimensions at H x W x D: 19″ x 66″ x 20″ the armrest level up at H x W: 24″ x 6″ and finally the backrest H: 16″.


When it comes to comfort, how could you even question the feel this sofa will bring to you? It is not only an aesthetic piece that was designed to suit and satisfy your creative mind but at the same time, this sofa was designed to give you and bring to your room, the best comfort known to man. 

The soft feel of the upholstery on your skin as well as the soft but firm feel of the cushions should be enough to make you feel like an executive running your own thing at your own time. 

All in all, this is a comfortable sofa that will not have you doubting your money’s worth. Be it for an office environment, home, or even a mere waiting room this sofa will not disappoint you at all.


Being made from wood and linen which are some of the most commonly used materials when it comes to sofa manufacturers I don’t think you have to worry about this sofa’s durability. 

Just as it is made for that executive feel, it probably wouldn’t want to disappoint the boss. The stitching on the couch is done very well, nothing could positively open up a stitch unless you are of course trying to prove this sofa at all costs wrong. 

Though it isn’t the biggest couch in the world. It is definitely the sofa to play a big part in your life. Whether you are living in a small apartment and it is your man living room couch or it’s in your bedroom or even a private study. Not one day will you sit on this sofa and have it break on you. It simply can’t be beaten.


Who doesn’t want extra storage in their room! If you want that smart look then this sofa is it. The price range is definitely a steal because this sofa is worth so much more but they decided to make it affordable to everyone and anyone. 

It is an amazing sofa to have and I will say that it is definitely worth every cent and more. A lifetime partnership with this sofa will make you feel like a new executive every time you walk into the room. So don’t worry, as good as it looks, it still comes at a very affordable price range.


In conclusion, let us just say that this sofa is ideal for someone looking to furnish a one-bedroom apartment or a studio apartment. It is incredibly comfortable even though it is short in-depth, but it looks pretty and the storage compartment is really useful. 

It is definitely that one sofa that will have you wanting to be at home all day, or even in your office. Just add it to your room and see the gust of elegance that will flow in at that time. You will not be disappointed by this sofa here and that is a promise. 

So what are you waiting for, get yourself this sofa as soon as possible and see your home transform into something magical. Enjoy your shopping!

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