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Fabric Storage Ottoman

First Hill Callah Rectangular Fabric Storage Ottoman with Tufted Design

What we have here is a rectangular fabric ottoman that comes 5 colors. This ottoman serves to be an amazing footstool be it in your home or office. It comes extra-padded for more comfort and has top lid hinges which you can use to open up the storage space that you can use to store your books, blankets, pillows and any other thing you might feel you want to store. For strength and stability, the ottoman features solid-wood feet. 

Apart from this obvious, this ottoman works as a multifunctional piece that will give you not only a footrest but an extra seat in the room as well as a coffee table. Fact that it has a storage compartment just makes it all the better seeing as if you have things that you readily need when you are relaxing you can always store them in there.


  • It comes in 5 different colors
  • It is multi-functional and can serve as a footstool, coffee table or a seat stool
  • Is soft and very comfortable for sitting or resting feet
  • It is very stable as the legs are quite strong and sturdy


  • The upholstery used is not waterproof or stain resistant 
  • It can be broken easily if too much weight and pressure are set on it.


Well just by looking at this small fabric ottoman, you can tell that it has a simple modern design. With the cushioning being, button tufted you will find that it will work well for many interiors from contemporary to modern household sets. It comes in 5 colors so you do not have to worry about it being an outstanding piece in your home.

You’ll find that it comes in charcoal, black, espresso, granite grey and brown. It has a simple rectangular shape making it all the more suitable for multi-functioning. 

For a small and limited room, this ottoman would be the perfect footstool to get as it comes with more than meets the eye. It has a modest design but at the same time its enough to bring change to any room.

You will find that with the storage compartment you can add in things such as air centres in the case you always want the room smelling good. In your office, it could work as an extra storage shelf (hidden). In a large room, it will set out a different kind of flow and will stand out as an aesthetic and stylish piece of furniture.


It basically measures 24 by 18 by 18 inches (LxWxH) meaning if you have a small office you can use it as a coffee table increasing its functions. Due to its rectangular shape, you’ll find that you can use this ottoman as a footstool for more than one person. Either in that side by side sitting or opposite sitting. This ottoman is the perfect footstool for any home, easy to manage and easy to carry as well. It will fit perfectly in small rooms and at the same time, it will make a beautiful aesthetic piece in a big room. 


Made from fabric this Ottoman or stool, in this case, has a warm feel to it. The extra padding that comes with its design makes it extra soft and very much comfortable. Your feet won’t feel flattened or cramped at all. The best part about it is that because of its size and extra padding, this stool can act as an extra seat in a room, or can even work as a mini coffee table. Buying it gives you not just a stool for relaxing but an extra furniture piece as well.


For strength and stability, the ottoman features solid-wood feet that have an amazing design as well. It’s made from solid wood that is strong and very durable. This guarantees that it will not fail, break or crash anytime soon. It’s made with linen covering that gives it a warm feel apart from the linen being very strong and hard to year. The extra padding offers great support to the whole structure meaning it can withstand everyday use as either a footstool, table or sitting stool.  


Though the price can change either up or down at any time. Currently, this beautiful piece will cost you just over a hundred dollars.  Which is quite reasonable given that it’s a 3 in 1 deal. I mean how many footstools offer this much comfort at the same time working as more than just a footstool. Not forgetting the storage compartment which offers more than just a simple service to you and your home. 


All in all, if you are looking for something that will not take up much space but will offer the right practicality then I say go for it. This piece apart from just being a comfortable footstool. It is also a comfortable seat stool and can act as a coffee table with a storage compartment. Its size is perfect if you have a small room you want to fill up. At the same time, it’s just as perfect for large rooms because of its full aesthetic look. I would go for it. More comfort and more storage space are what this ottoman is yelling out. 

In conclusion, this footstool would be a great idea in your home space, bedroom, lounge or just any sitting area. With it, you get more than just a footstool and it will serve a purpose for a long time. The best part is that you can get yourself one that matches with your sofas or a color that completely blends with your room or interior. 

How can you regret getting a multi-functional stool that will surely stick with you for years to come? From utility to comfort this ottoman is definitely the stool you’re looking for. So I guess this is where I leave you to make the decision. Enjoy your shopping and be sure to think it through. 

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