Abe Old Hollywood Nailhead Trim Velvet Sofa Review

Considering getting the Abe Old Hollywood Nailhead Trim Velvet Sofa but not sure what to expect? If you are looking for a new obsession, or say you want to introduce something new and sleek to your home, then take a look at this sofa. 

Abe Old Hollywood nailhead trim may seem like an ordinary sofa with those nailhead accents, what if I told you that there is more to it than just that. This sofa is a new epicenter for your living room.

Abe Old Hollywood Nailhead Trim Velvet Sofa

It’s that sofa that will take the attention away from anything else in the room and pin it to this one sofa. Trust me when I tell you that with this sofa you can never go wrong. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but it could cut close depending on what you are expecting and what you are looking for. 

It’s that one sofa that looks beautiful. It makes for a little cute showpiece that will definitely have you blushing your way to your seat. 

Do you want a timeless and elegant sofa in your home? Well, you got it. The Abe Sofa is available in several stunning shades you can choose one which suits your every room. It features a spiffy nailhead trim around the borders giving it this icy expensive look that you will love so much. 

You will find that it is upholstered in an exclusive and soft velvet fabric and includes 2 decorative pillows just to make it feel more homely. 

This Abe sofa sits on a sturdy espresso-toned hardwood frame with slightly slanted legs just to make sure that the frame and sitting are steady and sturdy. A truly sophisticated addition to your home is what this beautiful sofa is.


  • Is a timeless and elegant piece
  • It is a very stylish sofa that will fit your home
  • Is very comfortable
  • Is a space-saving sofa


  • It is not waterproof nor is it stain resistant



When it comes to looks this sofa is not amongst those that set out to disappoint. In fact, I should say that this sofa is one of the most stylish sofas that have an adequate approach towards modern-day furniture and lifestyles. 

Abe Old Hollywood Nailhead Trim Velvet Sofa

With its Hollywood styling you will find this sofa to be lavish and stylish beyond regular furniture. The nailhead trimming on the borderline if the sofa is definitely what you would love most about this sofa as that is exactly what gives this sofa the right mindset and approach that you may need. 

It comes in grey, black, purple, and red. Allowing you to choose whether you want it to be loud and vibrant in your home or you prefer it calm and lowkey as it blends in with the surrounding.



When it comes to size, we could classify this beauty as a compact sofa. However, it’s not that small to the extent that we could say it’s a tiny sofa. 

It comes with the seat cushion divisions that make it seem as if it is a three-seat sofa, it could work as a three-seat sofa but at the same time, it may be a bit small. 

It comes at an overall dimension of (H x W x D):33″ x 77″ x 24″ with the seat height at (H x W x D):17″ x 70″ x 24 and the backrest height: 19″. It’s the perfect sofa for any small room and would still make a beautiful addition even in a large room.


Well as all new sofas it won’t be as comfortable on the first day. This one here comes as a very firmly built sofa that does not create an allowance for you to sink in at whatever cost. 

You may find that it’s very firm and not very comfortable especially in the first days but with some getting used to it may turn out to be a very comfortable sofa piece. Besides all that you will note that the sofa is quite small which I already stated. 

It may not be as comfortable as other sofas given that you want to take a nap or actually sleep on the sofa, but you should know that the smooth velvet touch is to die for. That could result in you waking up with a few aches and all especially a stiff neck. 

In any room, this sofa will feel right at home and will definitely not disappoint you in terms of sitting. Problems may come in procuring comfort for naps because of their size mostly.


Coming to you with a strong framework and slanted legs for sturdiness. This sofa was not only designed to bring comfort to your home but was also made to provide you with a lifetime friend. 

It is a strong sofa, and not only judging from the size, but it’s definitely that sofa that will last you a long time in your home. Having been made with a strong wooden frame, don’t worry about this sofa breaking on you. 

That is unheard of. However, with the upholstery, velvet is quite soft and very fragile and vulnerable when setting against natural elements such as a fire. Likewise, with sharp objects ut may not turn out to be as strong as you would have thought it to be.


With all this said, it all comes down to the pricing, which some find to be a bit too high for such a compact sofa.

Like all sofas, it has its ups and downs and one downer maybe it is pricing that comes off a little too high. However, if you are looking for a good catch on a sofa without a care in the pricing then this one here may be exactly what you need. 


Well, in conclusion, this sofa deserves a pair of hands really. From its style to its look, why wouldn’t you want such a sofa in your home? With the choice of different shades, it could be the perfect addition to any home. 

All in all, it’s quite a beautiful sofa that will definitely add a fresh breeze to your home especially since it comes with two decorative pillows allowing you to add more of your own decorative features.

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