4 Seater Sofa: You’ve Got to See These

Are you looking to create a cozy and stylish sitting area for your friends and family? A 4-seater could be your answer. Doesn’t necessarily have to be for family and friends alone. Maybe you’re a fan of entertainment and you have a space you want to fill up to add style and define the interior the we might just have the guide you need. 

Buying a sofa definitely deserves to be on the list for stressful tasks. Unlike buying clothes which you can try and see, a sofa needs your imagination, it requires you to pay attention to even the slightest of details.

large sofa with bright cushion

A wrong decision could cause a lot of damage to your interior and maybe even affect your mental sanity. I mean who wouldn’t go mad walking into a room with an unknown style set up, all because you made a wrong move, but don’t worry that’s why we’re here. 

In A Hurry

For the above reasons we’ve decided on a 4-seater and we’ll walk through a few with different styles and maybe we’ll find the right one for you.

There are so many things to be considered when buying a sofa. We start from the size, style, shape or fabric you want, to the functionality, versatility, and necessity, are you going to design an interior around your sofa, or is the sofa suppose to blend in with the current interior?

It’s all so frustrating right? We get it, trust me we really do get it and that’s why we are. Here is a quick guide to some of the 4-seaters in the market, with different brands, colors and fabrics we should be able to find something for you. Let’s have a look now shall we? 


This Jules 4-Seater offers a simple smart style, yet offering a generous amount of space and comfort. It is reasonably priced in comparison to its competitors.


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Prestige Collection Bayswater 4 Seater


If you’re looking for something that will air out a Classic British look then this sofa will do just that. Handcrafted in Britain this 4-seater is neatly upholstered in a modern chenille . Allowing you and your family to sit close together in  luxury and sumptuous comfort.

This sofa had a blank slate design which allows it to fit and suit any style, from a sophisticated and elegant interior to something simple and classy. It will be a lavish addition to any interior decor, just choose a color from the 6 that are offered and you’re set to go. To add on to its classy look it has 8 large back cushions that offer a soft comforting feel. 

What you may also want to know is that this is an extra large sofa with a classic and elegant contrast between the piping and the upholstery. It has slim curved arms and the 8 large back cushions have feather filling. It stands on beech wood legs which you can customize from umber, ebony, natural or other finishes that will be provided for. The sofa has deep seat cushions made from luxury fibre.

Note: to keep the upholstery looking fresh you may need to plump, turn and rotate the cushions there and there and avoid setting it in direct sunlight to keep the fabric from fading. 

Dimensions: 25″H*89″W*20″D


  • Stylish with a British classic design.
  • You can choose the leg finish you want
  • Very comfortable
  • Spacious for family and friends
  • Handcrafted with a unique design
  • Fits with any interior style


  • Fabric wears down if set in direct sunlight
  • Pillows lose volume with time

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Are you a simple and smart person who enjoys relaxing time with friends and family? Or do you prefer working at home late nights in comfort? This Jules 4-Seater offers a simple smart style, yet offering a generous amount of space and comfort. It’s a clean sofa perfect for hosting friends or business partners for discussions in comfort.

It comes in a European timeless style which has become the most trending design for most sofas as that timeless look just creates a sentimental echo. If you have a small to medium space living room and you enjoy having people over or you simply enjoy comfortable naps on the sofa , then this seater should be perfect for you.

Besides offering style and comfort this sofa comes at dimensions of 34.5″H*120″W*33″D with a seat depth of 21″ and seat height of 21″. It has a low seat back style giving it a timeless look which is perfect if you enjoy relaxing whilst sitting and talking or maybe sleeping. 

The seats are foam filled with pocket coil springs giving them a firm bouncy feel. This sofa is capable of lighting up any room giving it a vibrant feel of luxury and comfort, allowing you simple and classic relaxation any time of day.


  • Suitable for Apartment and houses and other living spaces
  • Comfortable with a bouncy feel
  • Has a generous amount is sitting space
  • Comfortable enough for naps
  • Has a timeless European style
  • Perfect for having friends over or just family


  • Low seat-back style may be uncomfortable for tall people

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This beauty comes in two colors, from a bluish grey to dark grey. It is a common choice for apartment spaces, bungalows, condos, studios, lofts and small house. Since it’s reversible it can be geared up to a position of your choice, making it versatile and able to take any shape to suit the size of the room. If you’re a lazy napper then i believe we might have found “the one”. 

It comes with a storage bag and a removable chaise lounge, so if you want to store your movies, books and food it has the bag just it. The chaise will allow you to choose a perfect angle to relax in if you want to watch TV or even sleep be warned this is not a boring sofa, you can add your own pillows and throwbacks to give it a more comfy look  and if one set up is starting to bore you, then mix them up creating a new shape when you feel like it. 

Getting deeper now. You can use it for sitting, napping, relaxing, or even sleeping depending on your needs. It’s a firm and comfortable sofa that comes with firm seat cushions made from non-piling and non-peeling fabric. It has a fashionable appearance because of the nailhead trimming on the arms, not forgetting the high quality durable fabric upholstery that sits on solid wood giving it a very sturdy look. 

The best features on this sofa would be the reversible chaise lounge and the storage bag that comes with the piece. Standing at dimensions of 36.6″H*102″W*50″D  this sofa can hold up 660lbs, so you can eat as much as you want and not worry about breaking the couch after gaining 2 lbs.


  • Firm and comfortable
  • Has a fashionable nailhead trim design so it’s not so plain
  • Is multifunctional and reversible
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Has a chaise lounge
  • Can be geared to different positions


  • Is not waterproof
  • Not resistant to stains
  • Comes in only 2 colors

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Are you looking for something classic, sophisticated and elegant?  The Chesterfield Grand 4-Seater is a leather sofa that can have you drooling. Just by looking at it, you can feel it oozing elegance. It’s perfect if you have a family with kids and not just because spacious, but also because the leather is durable, hardwearing and easy to clean.

You won’t have to worry about juice spills, mud stains or any of that, a dry cloth with take care of all that. If you have pets as well, you can just vacuum the fur, and incase your furry friends have claws, the sofa’s leather already has natural markings, and any scratches unless very deep will not be visible.

The Grand sofa offers much more than just space and easy cleaning. It’s a classic sofa with luxurious scroll arms and a button detail on the back and base. The arm and back are equal throughout the sofa making it perfect for sit naps. It has a solid wood frame which comes with a 15 year guarantee. This sofa seats on solid wood legs giving it a solid and sturdy feel, at least you’ll know it won’t be moving anywhere for awhile. 

Dimensions in cm: 77h*229w*101d


  • Upholstered in genuine leather
  • Frame has a 15 year guarantee
  • Gives interior an elegant look
  • Solid wood legs with sturdy setting
  • Classic, luxurious and comfortable
  • Offers generous amount of sitting space
  • Is waterproof
  • Resistant to stains and light scratches


  • Leather will age and lose firmness with time
  • Shows natural flaws on material

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Barbican Grand 4 Seater Sofa


Our last feature is the Barbican Grand 4-Seater which comes with a wide range of color choice. It’s a simple 4-seater that would be a great choice for a family apartment. For this sofa you choose the fabric you want and if you’re not sure they can send a sample in case you want to feel the fabric before you get the sofa.

On the downside it may not be the best for naps as the shape doesn’t accommodate for any comfortable napping positions however if you do manage to find one, the sofa has an 8 gauge spring in the corners so that if you happen to fall asleep or take that nap you won’t fall off.

Going deeper, the couch has a retro inspired look which is simple but can fit in and blend with any interior. It’s frame is made from plywood, beach and oak with zig zag springs in the upholstery for a bouncy yet firm feel. The 8 gauge corner spring don’t only protect you from falling down but also protect the seats so they stay upright and don’t sag. It doesn’t require much assembly only in the legs where you have to screw them on, but instructions will be provided and so will the necessary hardware.

Dimensions in cm: 90″H*212W*98D. So if you want that retro simple style this is your pick.


  • Come in a variety of colors to suit different interiors
  • Has 2 color contrast design between the frame and upholstery
  • Has a unique retro design
  • Has 8 gauge spring for full support of the cushion and you
  • Not much assembly is required


  • May be quite costly
  • Not waterproof
  • Not resistant to stains

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Buyer’s Guide


Most sofa seats are filled with foam as it is a common filling that comes in different densities. However, depending on the texture you’re going for different foam will surely be able to bring it out. Note that if you’re going for a firm feeling then high-density foam would be the best option, however some people may end up with cushions that are too hard. With soft-density foam you’re sure to get a soft feeling almost fluffy to a medium foam feeling, which is probably the best. Also if foam isn’t really for you, you could try other fillings like feathers or stauff, maybe cotton as well. 


It’s a common mistake, where people either underestimate or overestimate the size of their space. They end up with sofas that are too big or too small making the whole look less of the intended idea. The major rule to follow when buying a couch is that it should never fit the entire length wall to wall, there should be at least an 18″ allowance on either side of the couch. If its too hard to do, you could hire interior experts to tell you which size would best suit your room size and style. 


The comfort of a sofa is relative. It depends on the user, how they use it and what they use it for. An average sofa has a seat depth of 21 to 24 inches, but there are other ranges as well. As stated above, depending on how you use it and what you use it for, if you’re some who enjoys sitting upright in a sofa, it would be best to get a sofa with a shorter depth but that will also vary with your height. So if you can, when buying a sofa give it a feel before buying it 


Well if you have a waterproof material sofa you really don’t have to worry about stains. If you however have a fabric couch, the struggle is real and the best solution would be to buy a stain guard or waterproof covers for your sofa. 


When you get a new sofa, the first days won’t be as comfortable, especially if it’s brand-new and not pre-owned. Brand-new sofas will require breaking in for a while before you start to feel the comfort they promised you. So if you want the quickest way to make your sofa softer, you could try sitting on it as much as possible and even have your friends help too. 


This is a tricky question, we’d need to know what you’re looking and where it’s going to go. However you could get sofas with a neutral color, this will give it a blank slate meaning it will fit in any setting. Colors like Beige, Nudes, White, Black and different shades of Grey usually allow any sofa to blend in with their surroundings. Avoid getting bright colors like Red, Pink, Green or Orange if you’re not sure. 


To avoid any pain at all sitting on a sofa with a good posture is the best way. Make sure your knees and hips are at the same value, make sure that your back is supported properly and keep both feet flat on the floor. This is what any doctor would tell you. If you’re prone to feeling aches avoid sitting without support, and don’t cross your legs or sit with them bent on the couch as well. 


Well so many insects can find comfort on and in your sifa as well  from fleas especially if your pets are regular visitors, to dust mites, termites, pretty much any household bug when given allowance can take refuge on and in your couch. The best way is to make sure your sofa is always clean, removes dust so as to avoid dust mites , get covers if you have pets to avoid flea invasion, as for termites and others you could just call exterminators to proof the whole house and save more than just the couch. 


The simple answer is Yes, you can it’s not unheard of. Either they reupholster the sofa with a different color material and they just paint over the existing color. Note, incase you are a DIY fan there is a specific upholstery paint for fabric, so don’t go getting your can spray.

Final Thoughts

Whoo, okay we’re done now. Congratulations! you’ve finished this dreaded journey. I hope our quick guide was of use, and you have an idea on which sofa you’re getting now or at least which one you don’t want to get. Unlike window shopping or closet shopping, sofa shopping has to be the most exhausting, but at least when you’re done you get to relax in the comfort of your choice. So let’s leave you to it. Try to have fun and good luck!!

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