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Let us have quick look at our workflow and philosophy.

Our Rhythm of Work

Exploring the pleasing possibilities and novelties in craftsmanship and elevate the customer experience boundlessly.

Reimagining the Aesthetics

With an astonishing repository of sofas, this platform has been exclusively designed to keep you comfortable and trendy. Of course, we follow your line of thought- marvelous models and styles coupled with best rates ever! To offer you an attentive and exceptional service, we have had indeed a long journey of data collection.


Our Work Flow

Our First Step

Picking an impeccable sofa that meets the standards of quality as well as luxury uncompromisingly is indeed a challenging business. A thorough and meticulous background check is done before we present it to you. Here is a glimpse of our workflow!

A meticulous examination of the product is done through myriads of sources like websites, articles, brochures, buying guides and other online reviews. We invest ample amount of time in this direction to make your online shopping a one-of-a-kind experience.

Intensive Research & Testing


Our experts make countless field visits to check the weight, material, texture, flexibility, support, size, and cushioning effect of the product to ensure the customers an outstanding service. We believe in testing the products before providing an opinion about them. This makes us a step above others when it comes to giving you the best products.

Client Validations

The feedbacks of the clients are dealt with utmost importance as they act as a testament to the alluring facets of the product. A minimum of five client validations are subjected to scrutiny to present a trusted brand name before the customers.


Our Secret Mantra

Persistence and an ardent zeal for aesthetic sense lead to innovations in crafts.

We incorporate this unbeatable combination in our work ethics to provide you a fulfilling online shopping experience. Now, hunt for your favorite sofas at the right gateway.


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Room décor has been a magical phenomenon for home-oriented people. Though, it gets depressing with a thin wallet hanging from the pocket. How to make your house luxurious in that case? One of the biggest assets for home decoration is sofa set. This article will guide you to the affordable sofas’ shopping. We’ve constructed the list of top 13 low-cost sofas competing for quality and customer satisfaction. Do you hesitate to scroll down online sites for sofa shopping? No need to worry! We’ve also included a complete walkthrough on how to buy cheap couches. The following includes a table of


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What’s the first thing you dream for after a long working day?  Especially when your legs and back cramp with massive office’s workload? Perhaps, a most comfortable sofa to sprawl over as you loosens up your tie. I’m sure you will agree with me when I say: finding the best couch for the money is a difficult task. Or, is it? Well, it turns out that with a proper understanding of various factors that make up the nice and amazing couches, you can easily pick one. Everyone loves sinking in their couch for instant relaxation. This suggests the comfort and

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We all want to make our house more dainty-looking. But we fail at times with the wrong selection of furniture. Well, wait no more! The missing piece in most of the cases is the best leather sofa your interior demands. These contemporary leather sofas will give a modern and stylish look for your abode. Leather sofas may sound old-school to some but it’s the secret to the exquisite environment. Top quality leather couches, both in look and feel, would fully adorn your cozy surroundings with a sleek design. We understand how it can be frustrating to hunt for the top-notch and the most

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We all know it very well that a sofa is not just a sitting space. It is one of those great places where best memories are created with our loved ones. When hanging out with friends or spending time with your family, these couches play a key role. But what if you don’t have enough space for everyone to sink in? This is where U shaped sectional sofa comes into play. You might have faced the difficulty to talk to a person sitting at the far end while using a normal sofa. Its one of the worst feeling when hanging

Getting a good kid sofa chair will be a great idea. This makes sure that your kid enjoys good comfort while sitting.

Best Kid Sofas 2018 : A Mom’s Reviews and Recommendations on Children’s Couches

Has your kiddo outgrown his or her crib? Well! Then it’s high time for you to think of providing the next-level-comfy space for your little darling. Kid sofa is an amazing choice in this regard as it creates a unique platform for them to live their dreams. It creates an exclusive fun station for them to sleep, stage their favorite characters, savor the delicacies, hop, and dance and do all sorts of gala activities. Hence, the idea of buying a neutral sofa that meets the demands of your entire family doesn’t sound wise. Are you still doubtful? Wait! Being a

Could be termed as the best leather couch brand in the market, Divano Roma Furnture offers you wide range of sofas at affordable price tag.

Best Sofa Brands 2018 : An Expert List of Top Couch Manufacturers

A Sofa is a classy piece of furniture that can change the whole look of your room. But, how many sofas would you buy a lifetime? I’m pretty sure that you don’t want to spend quite a lot buying sofas now and then. So it is better that you chose a sofa from high-quality furniture brand. To simply put, you need to buy a sofa from the best sofa brand out there. Now you might be wondering who makes the best quality sofas? Haven’t all the multifarious websites confused you a great deal? Well, I was driven crazy by them



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‘Sofa or couch’, that’s the statement that we use most frequently. However, little do we know these two words are much more than synonyms! We can somehow bet sofa is not another word for the couch! From their definitions to functionality, they differ, although not from the huge margin. Nevertheless, highlighting the difference between couch and sofa is still important. Because who would want to live their entire life in a total lie? Exactly for this purpose, we’ve sketched out the article. You will not have to search online for the query ‘what is the difference between a couch and


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You can’t disagree with me when I say that understanding the standard couch dimension is a crucial part before purchasing a sofa. Most of the couches are made in these standards. A thorough knowledge about typical couch dimensions will make it very easy for you to choose a sofa which suits to your space- may it be the living room, corridor or the bedroom. That’s why I decided to pen this article to help you understand this key aspect. To be honest, let me tell you that most of us don’t have any idea on average dimensions of couches. But


10 Couch Alternatives : Unique & Creative Ideas for No Sofa Living Room

Some of us can’t even think of our living room without a sofa. But not me! Why? I know how amazingly one can design a living room using couch alternatives. That might sound a bit exaggerating. But it is true. Even you might have seen your friends’ or families’ room with an alternative living room seating design. Tell you what, these designs are one of the best ways to give a unique and creative appeal to your living room. There were many instances when I was bored with the existing sofas in my living room. There is a higher chance that


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How do you buy the best sofa? You go through all those nice resources available online and find the one matching your need. That sounds very easy. But there is one step where you might fail. Yeah, you guessed it right. Measuring a sofa is a tedious task. But don’t worry! We have here a good guide on how to measure a sofa. With this, you can easily measure your sofa’s dimension and do whatever you want. This will be very helpful when you’re planning to buy a slipcover or when you move the sofa from one place to another.

Lee Eun Kyong designed the famous Free Hugging Sofa

Free Hug Sofa and Lee Eun Kyoung- Everything You Need to Know

The idea of a sofa hugging you back was a distant dream of many until 2016. But no more. Lee Eun Kyong, the South Korean had come up with this fascinating idea of Free Hug Sofas, which will love you back like a mother, lover or a friend. If you are ever feeling lonely and need a friend, the free Hug sofa would act as a perfect companion. This model was designed by her for a competition A’ Design Award. It took her two years to finish it off. But the two years were worth it as the public are


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We all know how good the leather couches are. We will be short of words to describe the comfort they offer, the premium look they have and what not. Although it is very easy to find the best leather sofas, they are a bit on the other side when it comes to money. The one way to get away from this is to buy an old leather sofa and dye it. The situation is more or less the same even if you buy a new one also. The chances of your new leather furniture losing its charm is not that